Tips for raising horses

Tips for raising horses

A horse is a beautiful animal noble and special but also very delicate physically and psychologically ..

Improper handling of a horse can cause injury and sometimes even death. In addition, improper treatment can also pose a danger to those around him.

In this article we will try to give some tips that will help you in treating the horse at least at the beginning

Found a veterinarian who specialized in horses and maintained constant contact with him


The horse must be given free access to hay and water

Feed the horse at regular times (4 times a day) in small quantities

Care must be taken for a clean, moldy food environment

The horse is used to drinking large amounts of water that help digestion


Ordinary horses live in nature and mostly in flocks

It is important to try to maintain a natural cause for the horse

Follow up

It is important to check the safety of the horse at least twice a day

Pregnant mare should be checked at least 5 times a day

In the following cases there is at least one vet:

Extreme restlessness and lack of appetite

A horse that cannot get up

A horse that is showing extra effort

A pregnant mare sweating and panting

Signs of pain or injury

Continuous weight loss

Acute diarrhea

Any other sign that looked strange

In conclusion, a horse is a special animal and thinks to give it proper care

* All that is written in the article is a recommendation only and does not constitute a substitute for professional advice

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