Tips for choosing a horse

Tips for choosing a horse

You decided you wanted to buy a horse? Excellent ...

Here are some tips to help you make the right purchase

The goal

It is important to set before why we want to buy a horse, characterization of the goal is very important in choosing the race.

Do you want to buy a horse to go out for walks? Just stroll around the lot? Competitions? for children?

If you buy a horse for example, then consider that there are races that do not work out with other breeds


Of course, it is important to set a budget for buying the horse but not to save on the purchase.

By the way, buying the horse is the cheapest (relatively), most of the expenses are for training, boarding board, medical treatment, etc.


It is advisable that an expert in the field accompany you before buying and give you his or her opinion

In addition, it is recommended that the veterinarian check the horse before buying

Appearance, race, and character

The selection of the race brings us back to the first section of goal selection.

The character is important, the horse, like a person, has a character and therefore it is important to check how your initial communication with the horse

Beauty is an individual, but it is important to choose a handsome horse mainly because if, in the future, God forbid, we reach the conclusion that we can not raise the horse then it will be easier to sell a handsome horse and if it has certificates then much more so

In conclusion, buying a horse is expensive and not simple, but there is no doubt that choosing the right one will bring you many moments of happiness.

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