A little about horses - things to know

A little about horses - things to know

The wild horse lives in herds. Every flock has a leader

The sense of warmth and protection that the absence gives to the individual is what gives the instinct of solidarity and a lonely horse in the field will feel frightened and lonely.

The horse's brain is split. He receives experiences only on the one hand

The horse has no limbs to attack- Therefore he is suspicious and is always in a state of alert to escape. His only chance of survival stems from his great speed and as a defense he will kick back anyone who tries to approach him but only when he is threatened

The horse has wonderful hearing and its sensitivity is reflected in the constant movement of the ears in different directions.

The horse's sense of smell is very well developed

The horse's sense of vision is good but also problematic. Because his eyes are on the sides of the skull, he has a focus problem


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